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    User Agreement

    Bliko, S.L. (henceforth known as Bliko) is a digital platform that aids in managing various business operations related to customer management. This agreement outlines the user's rights and responsibilities, as well as those of Bliko, as the service provider.

    The act of using the service implies that the user has read and agreed to the terms of use. Bliko holds the authority to revise and amend the Terms of Use without prior notice, with the most current version always available at bliko.ai.

    The terms of this agreement will take effect from the date you consent to this agreement, a checkbox for which is located at the end of this document. Any added functionalities to the Services will fall under the same Terms of Use. Users continuing to utilize the Service after any changes signifies their agreement with the modifications. You can always review the most recent version of the terms of use at https://bliko.ai/tac. Non-compliance with any Terms of Use can result in the termination of your account.

    Account Terms

    • Users must be at least sixteen (16) years old to use the service.
    • Account creation requires a legal name, an email address, and any other information requested by Bliko.
    • Users are accountable for providing accurate information, with Bliko retaining the right to terminate any account suspected of falsified information or violating Bliko's usage rules.
    • Users must ensure the confidentiality of their account. Bliko bears no responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from a user's failure to safeguard their login credentials.
    • Both parties agree to legally equate the client's signature with any other type of security identification code or element. Despite this, the service provider may ask for written confirmation from the client when necessary.


    Bliko employs a flexible pricing system based on the user's data volume. The pricing tiers are detailed at bliko.ai/pricing. Users must upgrade their plan if they exceed their current tier's limit.

    Bliko has the right to revise the pricing unilaterally and at any moment without entitling the users to any form of compensation.

    Billing and Access

    • Payments necessitate a valid bank card. A free account does not require this. Bliko will charge you a recurring fee according to your account type.
    • The Service is prepaid per billing cycle and non-refundable. There are no credits or refunds for partial months of the Service, unused Service during the account's active period, or any exceptions.
    • Users consent that a receipt of contract acceptance is not required if the contract was exclusively electronically concluded.
    • In the event of a user upgrading their account due to increased document volume, the new amount will not be charged until the next billing date. Henceforth, the updated amount will be billed unless the account is canceled.
    • Non-payment or returned receipts will result in immediate loss of Service access. Data will be deleted thirty (30) days from the default date.
    • Governmental taxes or duties are not included in any fees. Users are responsible for these payments. Users can choose who can access their account and in what capacity.

    Changes to Service and Pricing

    Bliko reserves the right to alter or suspend the Service temporarily or permanently at any time and for any reason. Bliko also holds the right to amend monthly fees with a 15-day notice. Changes in fees will be announced on Bliko's website and in writing.

    Account Termination

    Users are responsible for their account's proper cancellation, which can be done through the profile menu at any time. After account cancellation, all user content will be deleted after thirty (30) days. Users can terminate their account at any moment but will be held accountable for all charges up to that point, including the full monthly fee for the month of cancellation. After account cancellation, no further charges will be incurred. Bliko reserves the right to terminate any account or restrict the Software's use to anyone violating these terms of use.

    Copyright and Intellectual Property

    Bliko retains all Intellectual Property rights for every component of the Service, including but not limited to the Service name, graphical materials, all associated software, user interface components, unique features, and related documentation. Users commit to not copy, adapt, reproduce, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile, or disguise any element of the Service owned by Bliko. Users also agree to refrain from using automated or manual methods to monitor or copy any Service content. While Bliko won't claim Intellectual Property rights over content uploaded or provided by the user to the Service, the user grants third parties permission to view and share this user-provided content by using the Service.

    General Conditions

    Users are entirely responsible for their lawful access and appropriate use of Bliko, following national or international laws, principles of good faith, morality, etiquette, and public order. Specifically, they agree to diligently adhere to these General Conditions of use. Users also agree not to resell, duplicate, reproduce, or exploit any part of the Service without Bliko's explicit written consent. Users also agree not to use the Service for storing, hosting, or sending harmful or unsolicited email (spam).

    Users understand that the Service may transmit their Content unencrypted over the Internet, including invoices, payment notifications, and personal messages. Users are prohibited from using the service to transmit any virus, worm, or malicious or harmful content.

    Bliko offers no guarantees about its ability to use the Service, user satisfaction with the Service, the Service's availability and error-free operation, the accuracy of the Service's mathematical calculations, or the rectification of Service errors.

    Neither Bliko, its partners, nor its sponsors are liable for any damages, direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, or otherwise, that arise from or relate to the user's use of the service. User dissatisfaction with the Service can only be resolved by discontinuing use and canceling the account.

    Invalidation or non-applicability of any conditions here will not affect the remaining conditions.

    Questions about the Terms of Use should be directed to Bliko Technical Support: info@bliko.ai

    This Terms of Use agreement constitutes the complete understanding between you and Bliko regarding the Service and supersedes any previous agreements between you and Bliko. The Terms, and your relationship with Bliko under these Terms, will be governed by Spanish law.

    Security and Privacy

    Bliko S.L is registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency, ensuring compliance with regulations concerning confidential data's security and confidentiality.

    User data is stored on Amazon's servers in the European Union, guaranteeing both data hosting regulations and the highest market standards for security and accessibility.

    Refund Policy

    Monthly Subscriptions: If you are dissatisfied at any point during your FIRST month using Bliko, please reach out to us. We will strive to resolve your issue, provide a workaround, or give a timeline for a solution that will meet your needs. If you remain unsatisfied, we will gladly offer you a FULL REFUND for your purchase and downgrade your account to the free plan.

    Annual Subscriptions: Bliko does not require annual subscriptions as a condition of using our services. We give you the flexibility to choose. For users opting for an annual commitment upfront, we offer a significant discount over the standard monthly subscription cost. If you are dissatisfied at any point during the first thirty (30) days of your annual subscription, we will gladly offer you a FULL REFUND. After the first thirty (30) days, we cannot offer any refunds or credits for partial months or years of service.

    Upgrade from Monthly to Annual: If you upgrade from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription, we will prorate the remaining value of your month towards the cost of the annual subscription.

    Downgrades: If you choose to downgrade your subscription level, your new billing rate will be reflected on your next billing cycle. Bliko cannot offer partial or full refunds for downgrades in between billing cycles.

    Account Cancellation: If you choose to cancel your account entirely, we require a written request to info@bliko.ai with 30 days notice. Once the cancellation is processed, all your account data will be permanently deleted after 30 days. In case of cancellations, Bliko cannot offer partial or full refunds for the remaining period of the billing cycle.

    Additional Services: Refunds for additional services like setup assistance, onboarding, premium support, etc., are provided on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to our support team at info@bliko.ai for queries related to refunds for additional services.

    Please note: All refund requests should be sent to info@bliko.ai. Requests made over the phone or via other channels may not be considered.

    The Bliko User Agreement is subject to changes without notice. For the latest version, please visit https://bliko.ai/tac. By continuing to use the Service, you agree to abide by the most recent version of this agreement.

    Date: 14th February, 2024

    Bliko S.L.

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